Penny, Outdoor Child

Yesterday we met Penny and her mum at their local park. Penny, like most toddlers didn't want to keep still but as her session was outside she was able to play and be herself throughout. This meant that we could capture some wonderfully natural images!

Ethan-Jae, Outdoor Family

We first met Ethan-Jae and his family in November last year at just 4 weeks old. When we first arrived at Cwm Darran Parc the sun was shining and it was quite warm for 8 o'clock in the morning! It made for some beautiful images and a great walk too!

Riley, Outdoor Child

Riley was fast on his feet and very curious of his surroundings! We love it when we are able to capture little ones in more natural environments. Within them they are more relaxed and themselves before the camera, especially at this age as they quickly forget it's there!