Simply Timeless Photography Newborn Session Guide

Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for booking your Newborn session with Simply Timeless Photography! Newborn Sessions are Sarah's joy, and as one of her main passions in photography has spent countless hours perfecting her craft and has even taken a specialist newborn workshop to learn how to photograph such young babies safely so you can know with confidence that your little one is in safe, knowing hands.



Once you have filled in your booking form and paid your retainer fee, we put you in our diary in the week of your due date. This is because of babies typically come on their own schedule, not yours! As soon as your little bundle has arrived and you are able to contact us we can then set up your firm session date. Newborns are best captured within the first five to twelve days of birth as they are still very sleepy and can be easily posed.

Once your session is booked we can then talk about what you expect out of it.  Let us know beforehand if there are certain poses, looks, colours or props you particularly like or anything you have seen us do before that you dislike.

How to prepare

Newborns are best photographed when sleepy and on a full belly, so in the hour or so before the session please try to keep your little one awake as much as possible. In addition please try to schedule a feed for when you arrive at the studio so they will be sleepy, full and ready to go into the deep sleep that allows those special newborn poses. A fussy or wide awake baby who is unwilling to sleep could result in a less images than expected so we cannot stress enough how important it is to not let your little one sleep all morning.

As we often photograph babies without any clothes on and because of this we ask that you bring your little one wearing loose fitting clothes so they create no marks and nothing that needs to be pulled over the head as this could cause your little one distress or to wake up if already asleep.

What to Bring

We ask that you bring extra milk (unless little one is breast fed) and anything else you would normally bring when taking baby out for longer periods of time. 

If parents want images with their little one we suggest wearing simple, neutral and comfortable clothing for these shots as well as having your hair, nails and makeup as normal. If we will be shooting on the black background, isolating the newborn please make sure to also bring black tops to wear. It is also a good idea to bring a few changes of clothes as accidents can happen!

If you wish to bring any of your own items please let us know in advance so we are able to plan for them and ask that you limit these items, if too many items are brought they may dominate the session and not allow the signature images we normally create.


Our newborn sessions typically take between two and three hours. Due to this all newborn sessions are scheduled in the morning, around ten. We do not spend the whole time shooting as your little one sets the pace of the session. Much of the time is spent switching blankets and props, getting baby fed or cleaning up little messes and soothing your newborn into poses.

We ask that only the parents attend the session with their little one(s), however we are happy to allow others such as a grandparent if we are told before the session. We find that more people can at times introduce more stress into the studio which is no good for you or your newborn.

In the studio we have a posing bed and a number of pillows so we can achieve a wide variety of different poses. We also have a number of blankets, hats, headbands and props ready for you when you arrive. 


 If you have older children and would like sibling and family images we are more than happy to accommodate them. We do ask that little ones either only attend the beginning of the session or that you bring some items and snacks along to entertain them as the session can be quite long.

We can also offer a free mini sibling/family session within a week of your newborn session if you would prefer to do separate sessions to get newborn and family/sibling images. This is a much less stressful option as there won't be the need to keep little ones entertained through the newborn session. If you would like this option please let us know as soon as possible as we need to ensure we can fit you in.